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Phát triển kỹ năng đọc hiểu Tìm ý chính với Raz-kids mở rộng

14 Tháng Mười Hai 2017 3150 lượt đọc

Tìm ý chính là kỹ năng cốt lõi trong đọc hiểu. Xác định được ý chính, trẻ mới ghi nhớ được các thông tin quan trọng từ văn bản, từ đó mới có thể tóm tắt lại.


  • Tìm hiểu chi tiết về khái niệm ý chính và các khái niệm liên quan, dễ bị nhầm lẫn như ý tưởng (idea), chủ đề (topic), chủ điểm (theme)
  • Phương pháp cho trẻ học, thực hành và nâng cao kỹ năng tìm ý chính
  • Biết rõ hơn nác mảng có thể áp dụng kỹ năng này

hãy đọc bài viết chi tiết Tìm ý chính (main idea) – kỹ năng cốt lõi trong đọc hiểu

Sau đây là bảng danh mục sách tiếng Anh được thiết kế để phát triển kỹ năng Tìm ý chính và các chi tiết (Main idea and details) trong Raz-kids mở rộng:

Nguồn: Books by skills chart, Kids A-Z 

Tên sách Level Dành cho grade
The Street aa K
Seven aa K
Pasta! aa K
Winter aa K
Two aa K
The City aa K
The Birthday Party aa K
Orange aa K
My School Bus aa K
Nine aa K
White aa K
Eleven aa K
Christmas Eve aa K
Three aa K
Play Ball! aa K
Summer aa K
These Birds aa K
Valentine's Day Gifts aa K
One aa K
Rainforest Animals aa K
The Garden aa K
My Gift for Mom aa K
Six aa K
Five aa K
Four aa K
Blue aa K
City Street aa K
The School aa K
Eight aa K
Water aa K
The Trip aa K
The Coast aa K
Summer Picnics aa K
Ten aa K
Yellow aa K
Toys aa K
Spring aa K
Twelve aa K
Farm Animals aa K
The Fort aa K
This Kitchen aa K
The Backyard aa K
The Ocean aa K
The Chicken aa K
Colorful Eggs aa K
My Hanukkah aa K
Lunch at School aa K
Show Some Love aa K
I Set the Table A K
Muscles A K
What I Like A K
Hamster Home A K
You Can Dance A K
Up and Down A K
Sundae Time A K
I Love Pirates A K
My House A K
My Dog A K
I Draw a Bunny A K
Baby Animals A K
My Hair A K
The Big Cat A K
Mom and I A K
Bird Colors A K
Spring Weather A K
Snake Colors A K
I Love Flowers A K
Hello, Butterfly A K
I Can A K
Shapes in Nature A K
I Save Money A K
The Parade A K
Fun in the Water A K
Beach Fun B K
Our Show B K
Bananas Sometimes B K
You Can Go B K
Too Many Leaves B K
What Flies in the Sky? B K
Bonkers Likes to Bark B K
Ten B K
Animal Coverings B K
You and I B K
Maria and Her Teacher B K
It Is Spring B K
Rain in the Country B K
A Cold Day B K
Taking Care of Chase B K
Where Is Water? B K
Pond Life B K
I Love Art Class B K
The Big Game B K
Carlos and His Teacher B K
On the Farm B K
Clean Is Not for Me! B K
Animal Sounds B K
The Picnic B K
The Pet Rats B K
Yours or Mine? B K
My Brain B K
My Clothes Are Too Small C K
All About Penguins C K
Machines at Home C K
Winter Hats C K
All About Earthworms C K
Space C K
What's My Job? C K
Water Fight! C K
More Baby Animals C K
Different Kinds of Sharks C K
A Place Called Home C K
New Again C K
What Is at the Zoo? C K
At the Fair C K
What Season Is It? C K
Where Animals Live D 1
Why Does an Octopus Need Eight Arms? D 1
All About Foxes D 1
The Team D 1
At a Fall Fair D 1
I Count 100 Things D 1
Country Places D 1
My Neighborhood D 1
To the Woods D 1
Community Helpers D 1
Tiger Sharks D 1
Clouds D 1
At the Library D 1
Swamps D 1
Where Plants Grow D 1
River Otters D 1
Jobs We Do at School E 1
City Animals E 1
Shapes in Tide Pools E 1
City Places E 1
In the Mountains E 1
Skateboards E 1
All About Coyotes E 1
Country Animals E 1
Shoes Women Wear E 1
Police Officers E 1
Make a Tree Friend E 1
Arctic Animals E 1
I Work at the Stables E 1
At the Rodeo E 1
Animals, Animals E 1
Getting Ready for School E 1
The Four Seasons E 1
A Day of Firsts E 1
Shoes Men Wear E 1
All Kinds of Factories E 1
What's In That Pouch? E 1
Night Animals F 1
Smart Crows F 1
Some Birds Go F 1
Motorcycles F 1
Election Day F 1
Animal Dads F 1
Jobs for James F 1
Battery Power! F 1
Firefighters F 1
Weird White House Pets F 1
Caring for Your Dog G 1
Chess G 1
Fire Safety G 1
Squirrel Acrobats G 1
Places People Live G 1
Wiggly Worms G 1
Are You From Australia? G 1
Whose Eggs Are These? G 1
What in the World Is That? G 1
Dogs at Work G 1
Stars and Stripes G 1
Meet the Beetles G 1
I Live in the City H 1
Earth's Water H 1
Animals, Animals H 1
Ships and Boats H 1
Statues in the Ice H 1
Police Officers H 1
What Lives in This Hole? H 1
Pocket Parks H 1
Statues in the Sand H 1
My Stomach I 1
My Skin I 1
Fantastic Flying Machines I 1
Bigger Than a Monster Truck I 1
Fast and Faster I 1
Owls Overhead I 1
Tian Tian, a Giant Panda I 1
Extreme Insects I 1
Discovering Dinosaurs I 1
Roadside Oddities I 1
Life at the Pond I 1
A Rainbow of Food J 1
Wiggly Worms J 1
Firefighters J 1
Number Twelve J 1
Ocean Animals J 1
Where's the Joey? J 1
Want to Be a Beaver? J 1
Sharks J 1
I Fly Hot-Air Balloons K 2
Strange Plants K 2
Earth's Water K 2
Extreme Animals K 2
What Lives in This Hole? K 2
Ships and Boats K 2
It's About Time K 2
Model Rockets K 2
Police Officers K 2
Día de los Muertos K 2
Animals, Animals K 2
Chickens in My Backyard K 2
Where We Get Energy K 2
Community Government K 2
All About Kites K 2
Roadside Oddities L 2
Ancient Egypt L 2
The Power of Magnets L 2
Discovering Dinosaurs L 2
Sign Language and Hand Talk L 2
Big Machines L 2
Deep in the Ocean L 2
Bigger Than a Monster Truck L 2
Owls Overhead L 2
Fantastic Flying Machines L 2
Introducing Planet Earth L 2
Plant Defenses L 2
The Story of Jeans M 2
You Stink! M 2
How Much Is a Trillion? M 2
Ocean Animals M 2
Mother Teresa: Mother to Many M 2
Hermit Crabs M 2
Sharks M 2
Wiggly Worms M 2
The Sleeping Dog M 2
Inside Your Body M 2
Frogs and Toads M 2
Dogs at Work M 2
Firefighters M 2
April Fools' Day M 2
All About Kites N 2
The Force of Water N 2
Extreme Animals N 2
The Secret Lives of Snails and Slugs N 2
Elephants N 2
Totem Poles N 2
Bedbugs Bite! N 2
Día de los Muertos N 2
Asthma N 2
A Landforms Adventure N 2
Coral Reefs N 2
Puppets N 2
The Buffalo Hunt N 2
Celebrating Food and Family N 2
Mount Rushmore N 2
Earth's Water N 2
Strange Plants N 2
Awesome Ants N 2
Crows Share a Pie N 2
Beyond the Five Senses N 2
What Lives in This Hole? N 2
Discovering Dinosaurs O 2
Pluto's New Friends O 2
Bigger Than a Monster Truck O 2
HeroRATs: Rats Who Save Lives O 2
Owls Overhead O 2
Rainy-Day Savings O 2
Pepper: The King of Spices O 2
Roadside Oddities O 2
Park Rangers O 2
Whales O 2
Off to Join the Circus O 2
Deep in the Ocean O 2
Bats O 2
The Backpack Tax O 2
Magnetism P 2
The Steam Engine P 2
Giant Pandas P 2
Dogs at Work P 2
April Fools' Day P 2
Ocean Animals P 2
Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses P 2
History to Chew On P 2
Fantastic Flying Machines P 2
World Cup Soccer P 2
The State Hermitage: Russia's Amazing Museum P 2
The Legend of Nessie Q 3
Castles Q 3
Strange Plants Q 3
Sharks Q 3
Extreme Animals Q 3
Zookeeping Q 3
China Q 3
Coral Reefs Q 3
Fireworks Q 3
Día de los Muertos Q 3
A Landforms Adventure Q 3
Awesome Ants Q 3
Famous First Ladies Q 3
Sea Turtles R 3
Deep in the Ocean R 3
An Apple a Day R 3
Rattlers R 3
All About Kites R 3
Skydiving R 3
Pi Day R 3
The Hard Stuff! All About Bones R 3
Exploring Tide Pools R 3
Ships and Boats R 3
The History of Halloween R 3
Storm Chasers R 3
April Fools' Day S 3
Our Solar System S 3
A Big League for Little Players S 3
Volcanoes S 3
Snakebite! S 3
What's in a Name? S 3
Seven Wonders of the Modern World S 3
Penguins S 3
Space Camp S 3
Money in the USA T 3
A Trip to a Prehistoric Cave T 3
A Landforms Adventure T 3
Awesome Ants T 3
Yee Haw! The Real Lives of the Cowboys T 3
Camouflage T 3
InFLUenza T 3
Vikings T 3
Remembering the Alamo T 3
Mysteries of the Lost Civilization T 3
Underground Cities U 4
Galapagos Wonder U 4
Seven Wonders You Can Visit U 4
The Hard Stuff! All About Bones U 4
The Jr. Iditarod U 4
Coral Reefs U 4
Australia U 4
The History of Halloween U 4
The Secret Service U 4
Get Moving! All About Muscles U 4
Hubble: An Out-of-This-World Telescope U 4
The Mighty Saguaro Cactus U 4
Meteors and Meteorites U 4
Who Owns the North Pole? V 4
Book of Blood V 4
Prehistoric Trade V 4
Volcanoes V 4
Mysterious Caves V 4
Jazz Greats V 4
Space Camp V 4
Eclipses V 4
Ancient Cliff Dwellers V 4
Bullying Hurts Everyone V 4
Giant Insects V 4
Everest: On Top of the World V 4
Otzi: The Iceman W 4
Curiosity on Mars W 4
Hoofed Animals W 4
Fearless Felix W 4
Vikings W 4
InFLUenza W 4
Mapping the Woods: Maps and Cartography W 4
Mummies W 4
The History of Halloween X 5
The Story of Immigration X 5
The Internet X 5
The Gettysburg Address X 5
Money, Money, Money X 5
The Hard Stuff! All About Bones X 5
Invasion of the Pythons X 5
What Makes You, You? X 5
Fun by Remote Control X 5
Body Art X 5
The Transcontinental Railroad X 5
Space Camp Y 5
The Amazing Brain Y 5
Prehistoric Giants (Other Than Dinosaurs) Y 5
Believe It or Not? Y 5
Plate Tectonics Y 5
Early Birds: Fossils and Feathers Y 5
Adaptive Athletes Z 5
M Is for Mexico Z 5
You Can Print What? Z 5
The Mystery of King Tut Z 5
Vikings Z 5
InFLUenza Z 5
Genetics at Work Z 5
Abraham Lincoln: From Log Cabin to the White House Z 5
Native Americans of the Great Plains Z 5
Volcanoes Z 5
Ella Fitzgerald Z 5
Telescopes: Eyes on Space Z 5
The Amazing Brain Z1 5+
The Transcontinental Railroad Z1 5+
The Mystery of King Tut Z1 5+
Abraham Lincoln: From Log Cabin to the White House Z1 5+
Adaptive Athletes Z1 5+
Money, Money, Money Z1 5+
Prehistoric Giants (Other Than Dinosaurs) Z1 5+
Fun by Remote Control Z1 5+
Believe It or Not? Z1 5+
The Gettysburg Address Z1 5+
Genetics at Work Z1 5+
Believe It or Not? Z2 5+
Genetics At Work Z2 5+
Adaptive Athletes Z2 5+
Money, Money, Money Z2 5+
Fun by Remote Control Z2 5+
The Gettysburg Address Z2 5+
The Transcontinental Railroad Z2 5+
Abraham Lincoln: From Log Cabin to the White House Z2 5+
Prehistoric Giants (Other Than Dinosaurs) Z2 5+
The Amazing Brain Z2 5+
The Mystery of King Tut Z2 5+

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