Phát triển kỹ năng đọc Dự đoán với Raz-kids mở rộng

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Đưa ra, điều chỉnh, xác nhận lại các dự đoán là niềm vui và là phương thức để trẻ đọc chủ động hơn, lĩnh hội sâu sắc hơn. Để tìm hiểu chi tiết về phương pháp đọc dự đoán, hãy xem Dự đoán – phương pháp đọc hiểu chủ động

Dưới đây là bảng danh mục sách tiếng Anh được thiết kế để phát triển kỹ năng Dự đoán của readers trong Raz-kids mở rộng:

Nguồn: Books by skills chart, Kids A-Z 

Tên sách Level
Pets aa
Winter aa
Summer aa
Go, Go, Go aa
Under aa
On aa
Over aa
In aa
Going Places A
I Can A
Bird Goes Home A
Near and Far Away B
On the Farm B
Go Animals Go B
Paint It Purple B
Playful Puppy B
What Animals Eat C
How Many? C
The Animals of Canada C
Open and Close C
There Is a Mouse in the House C
Who Stole the North Pole? C
Going Away C
Get In C
Mud Balls! D
Give Them Back! D
Welcome Back, Butterflies D
Sky High! D
Getting Around the City D
Why Does an Octopus Need Eight Arms? D
To the Woods D
The Mitten D
Stone Soup D
Polly Gets Out D
Frog Is Hungry D
Not Enough Snow E
Nothing for Father's Day E
All Kinds of Farms E
Bear and Kangaroo E
When I Grow Up E
City Animals E
Shapes in Tide Pools E
Five Seconds to Blastoff! E
Time For Bed E
The Boy Who Cried \Wolf!\"" E
Maddy Loves to March E
Sloth Wants to Snooze E
The Contest E
Does It Sink or Float? F
Double It! F
Changing Seasons F
Eat Like a Pig F
Farm Friends F
Weird White House Pets F
Four Friends F
Josh Gets Glasses F
Where Is Cub? F
A Clown Face F
Super Thrift F
Beanie and the Missing Bear G
Places People Live G
What in the World Is That? G
The Hard Frost G
Troll Bridge G
Gordon Finds His Way G
The Chase G
Let's Build a Fairy Bridge G
Monster Halloween G
Pedro's Burro G
Maria Joins the Team G
Monsters on Wheels H
The Day I Needed Help H
Math Test Mix-Up H
City Falcons H
Club Monster H
Brother Messy, Brother Neat H
How the Mice Beat the Men H
Anna and the Dancing Goose H
The Spelling Bee I
Little Red Riding Hood I
Arthur's Bad-News Day I
The Magic Bike I
Soup and a Sandwish I
Monster Snow Day I
Hippo's Toothache I
The Monster Pumpkins I
Monster Music I
The Princess and the Pea J
Safe Biking with Dad J
Broken Arm Blues J
The Creature Constitution J
The Mind Game K
New Planet, New School K
Different K
Soggy Stepsisters K
The Squire's Bride K
How Zebras Got Their Stripes K
The Spelling Bee L
Noise in the Night L
At Jacob's House L
Little Red Riding Hood L
Every Dog Has Its Day L
Catching Santa L
The Tinosaur L
Arthur's Bad-News Day M
The Day Before Thanksgiving M
The Sleeping Dog M
The Creature Constitution M
The Legend of John Henry M
Spare the Turkey N
The Fishing Derby N
Coding Camp N
The Shepherd and the Fairy N
The St. Patrick's Day Mystery N
Introducing the Penny N
Sparky's Mystery Fortune N
Colleen and the Leprechaun N
The Spelling Bee O
Anansi and the Talking Watermelon O
Scotty's Spring Training O
Little Red Riding Hood O
A Bad Movie O
Irma's Sandwich Shop O
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox O
Troika: Canine Superhero O
Meeting Father in Plymouth O
Coyote and the Star P
Rockin' Rhythm and Sweet Harmony P
Becky's Puzzle Problem P
The Creature Constitution P
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow P
Mermaid in a Teacup Q
The Little Fir Tree Q
Walking in Roman Footsteps Q
The WeatherBot Warning Q
Morty's Swim Surprise Q
Sprak! Q
Arthur's Bad-News Day Q
The Kid Who Couldn't Save Q
The New Soccer Ball Q
The Footprint Q
Emily Q
Mystery at Camp White Cloud Q
Morty and the Oatmeal Babysitter Q
Eleventeen Q
The Hollow Q
Turtle Tom R
Morty and the Twice-Fit Mice R
The Hunting Trip R
The Thesaurus R
April Fool's R
Morty and Charming Theo R
Scaredy Camp R
Morty Takes a Wooden Nickel R
Part 2: Charly's New Year's Revolution R
Skydiving R
Only One Aunt Maggie R
Trick or Treat? R
Fishing in Simplicity R
The Recess Revolt R
Neighborhood Mystery R
Part 3: Charly Dances 'til It Drops R
Murdoch's Path R
Stories from Asgard: Norse Myths S
The Hidden Room S
Gems: Treasures from the Earth S
Two Kettles S
The International T-Shirt Challenge S
Ghosts in the House S
Morty and the Fancy-Pants Wedding S
Chef Morty's Party Surprise S
Finding the Tome S
Woolly and Fang S
The Moon Bowl S
Carlos's Puzzle T
Sally's Secret Ambition T
A Place for Wild Things T
Morty and the Mousetown Gazette T
Alice's Birthday Cake T
Ricardo's Dilemma T
The Return to the Hollow (Part III) T
The Thing in the Forest U
Weaving Around the World U
Don't Wake the Mummy U
The Recess Revolt U
Noni's Newspaper U
Adventure on the Amazon River V
Stories from Asgard: Norse Myths V
Word Smith, Private I V
Gems: Treasures from the Earth V
Two Kettles V
The Gossip Monster V
The Lost Dutchman V
Everest: On Top of the World V
The Cat and the Tunnel V
The Case of the Vanishing Anasazi V
Ocean Quiz W
The Other Side of the Glass W
A Place for Wild Things W
Catching Air W
Atlantic Crossing W
Adventure in Bear Valley W
Miguel in the Secret Garden W
Grandpa Smoke Jumper X
The Queen's Proposal X
The School Versus James Holt X
The Recess Revolt X
Miltie Math-head Takes the Mound Y
Stories from Asgard: Norse Myths Y
Westward Journey Y
Meegor and the Master Y
Miltie Math-head: Football Hero? Y
Gems: Treasures from the Earth Y
Two Kettles Y
The Art of Photography Y
The Haidas Y
The Mystery Twin Y
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Z
The Message Z
A Place for Wild Things Z
The Zoo of Extinct Animals Z
The Gift of the Magi Z
Word Smith, Private I \Rhyme Crime\"" Z
By Hook or by Crook Z1
The Zoo of Extinct Animals Z1
The Call of the Wild (Part 6) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 4) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 2) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 9) Z2
The Zoo of Extinct Animals Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 7) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 5) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 3) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 10) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 1) Z2
The Call of the Wild (Part 8) Z2
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Z2

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