Phát triển kỹ năng đọc hiểu Xâu chuỗi (Sequencing) với Raz-kid mở rộng

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 Xâu chuỗi (sequencing, sequence events) là kỹ năng đọc hiểu thường được dạy cho trẻ mới bắt đầu đọc, từ trước khi trẻ đủ năng lực để tìm ý chính rồi tóm tắt văn bản. Trẻ lớn hơn vẫn cần thực hành kỹ năng này, với các văn bản dài và phức tạp hơn.

Để tìm hiểu chi tiết kỹ năng này là gì, tại sao lại quan trọng, nên hướng dẫn trẻ thực hành mức cơ bản và mức nâng cao ra sao, có thể áp dụng trong những môn học nào, hãy đọc bài viết chi tiết Xâu chuỗi – kỹ năng đọc hiểu hữu ích cho trẻ nhỏ.

Để thực hành kỹ năng này với Raz-kids mở rộng, hãy tham khảo bảng dưới đây.

Bảng danh mục sách được thiết kế để giúp trẻ phát triển kỹ năng đọc hiểu Xâu chuỗi (Sequence events) trong Raz-kids mở rộng

Nguồn: Books by skills chart, Kids A-Z

Tên sách Level
We Build aa
Over aa
In aa
The Plant aa
Out aa
Jump Over aa
The Subway aa
Who Has It? A
Bird Goes Home A
Now We Bake A
Carlos Goes to School A
Maria Goes to School A
The Rainstorm A
Firefly B
It Is School Time B
We Make Cookies B
Paint It Purple B
Rain in the City B
On Thanksgiving B
Three Baby Birds B
I Read a Book B
Taking the Bus B
Taking Turns C
We Learn to Swim C
Teeth Brushing Fun C
Rocks C
Birthday Party C
Building a Road C
Get In C
How Frogs Grow C
We Make a Snowman C
Apple Tree C
The Moon C
Mash the Potatoes C
Mongo and Cutie C
Making Salsa! C
Let's Make a Bird Feeder D
Swamp Music D
Workers D
Bats Day and Night D
Stone Soup D
What? D
Under That Rock D
Polly Gets Out D
The Sky Is Falling D
Lily the Cat D
Our Good Night Story D
Say \Cheese\"" E
The First Strawberry E
Let's Make Lemonade E
Five Seconds to Blastoff! E
Wake Up, Bear! E
A Sweet Tale E
Making Pizza E
A Week With Grandpa E
Time For Bed E
The Storm E
The Boy Who Cried \Wolf!\"" E
Tiny Tugboat E
Sew Who? E
Let's Carve a Pumpkin E
Maddy Loves to March E
I Am Your New Plant E
Sloth Wants to Snooze E
How to Tie Your Shoes E
The Contest E
Following the Map F
Thank You, Everyone! F
Two for Me, One for You F
The Snowstorm F
Where Is Cub? F
Hatching Eggs F
Our Camping Trip F
The Food Chain F
Stella Storyteller F
The Three Little Pigs F
How to Make a Snow Person F
Fishing with Grandpa F
Piñatas Are Fun! F
A Pet for Jupe F
The Sunflower Hut F
A Clown Face F
Glassblowing F
Super Thrift F
The Reason for Sneezing G
The Chase G
Grow Tomatoes in Six Steps G
Building a House G
We Build a Robot G
The Spider's Web G
Let's Build a Fairy Bridge G
I Bet I Can G
A Seed Grows G
Time of Day G
Bonk's Loose Tooth G
Monster Halloween G
Monsters' Stormy Day G
How to Build a Guitar G
Mystery Valentine G
My Day G
The Owl and the Pussycat H
How to Make a Drum H
Dr. King's Memorial H
How the Mice Beat the Men H
A Monster Fish Tale H
The Butterfly Life Cycle H
Abigail Adams H
Sam's Fourth of July H
Smaller and Smaller H
Anna and the Dancing Goose H
Wing's Visit to Singapore H
Maria's Thanksgiving H
Carlos's First Thanksgiving H
Butterfly Café H
The 100th Day Project I
The Three Little Pigs I
We Make Maple Syrup I
The Magic Bike I
How to Make Paper I
Soup and a Sandwish I
A Visit to the Zoo I
Here Come the Cranes! I
Building a Bridge I
My Lungs I
Monster Snow Day I
The Lion and the Mouse I
Camping with Bonk I
Monster Soccer I
My Uncle Is a Firefighter J
It's Cinco de Mayo, Carlos! J
Welcome, Carlos! J
Picture Day J
Leopard, Ram, and Jackal J
The Other Book of World Records J
Riding With Rosa Parks J
Feliz Navidad, Carlos! J
Abigail Adams K
Sam's Fourth of July K
Ratty Rats K
Leap! A Salmon's Story K
Maria's Family Celebration K
To the Circus K
Dr. King's Memorial K
The Butterfly Life Cycle K
Fishing in the Rain K
Mongo's Migration K
Carlos's Family Celebration K
Valentine's Day L
Independence Day L
The 100th Day Project L
Anna and the Painted Eggs L
Eggy's Easy Out L
How to Make Ice Cream L
Maria's Family Christmas L
Wonderful Winter L
Catching Santa L
Insect Life Cycle L
Sending Messages L
The Best Guess M
The Other Book of World Records M
How to Make Lemonade M
My Uncle Is a Firefighter M
The Three Little Pigs M
Vacation Time! M
Picture Day M
Dr. King's Memorial N
The Butterfly Life Cycle N
Let's Make Snowflakes! N
The St. Patrick's Day Mystery N
Abigail Adams N
Introducing the Penny N
Sam's Fourth of July N
Sparky's Mystery Fortune N
The Day I Couldn't Breathe N
Making Rice N
Colleen and the Leprechaun N
All About Chocolate O
Sally Ride O
Troika: Canine Superhero O
The Great Land Run O
Jenny Loves Yoga O
The Beekeeper O
My Uncle Is a Firefighter P
Landon's Pumpkins P
Women of the Supreme Court P
A Nation on Wheels P
Picture Day P
The 100th Day Project P
The Other Book of World Records P
Sonia Joins the Supreme Court P
The Homework Lesson P
Deep Inside a Copper Mine P
Sweet Potato Challenge Q
Morty and the Oatmeal Babysitter Q
Amelia Earhart: A Legend in Flight Q
Robin Hood and the King Q
The Buffalo Soldiers Q
Route 66 Q
Landfills: What a Load of Garbage! Q
Salmon: A Link in the Food Chain Q
Wildlife Rescue R
All About Chocolate R
Neighborhood Mystery R
The Genius of Tesla R
Part 3: Charly Dances 'til It Drops R
Robin Hood Wins the Sheriff's Golden Arrow R
Bessie Coleman R
We're in Business R
Going to the Super Bowl R
Finding the Tome S
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Pioneer's Life S
The Titanic: Lost and Found S
Making Mosaics S
Route 66 T
Lighter Than Air T
The Return to the Hollow (Part III) T
Bats in the Attic T
Weave It! T
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp T
Albert Einstein T
Amelia Earhart: A Legend in Flight T
A New Skyline T
The Buffalo Soldiers T
The Red Baron T
All About Chocolate U
Wildlife Rescue U
The History of Anime U
The Genius of Tesla U
Robin Hood Wins the Sheriff's Golden Arrow U
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Pioneer's Life V
Women and the Vote V
Mexico's Fight for Independence V
The Roman Empire Faces Attila V
Yosemite and the Badge V
High-Tech Treasure Hunt W
Robin Hood and the King W
Adventure in Bear Valley W
A New Skyline W
Miguel in the Secret Garden W
The Buffalo Soldiers W
The Red Baron W
Climbing Mountains: An Interview with Erik Weihenmayer W
Joe Kittinger: An Unsung Hero W
Route 66 W
Amelia Earhart: A Legend in Flight W
Albert Einstein W
Wildlife Rescue X
Rosalind Franklin's Beautiful Twist X
The Genius of Tesla X
The History of Anime X
The Algonquins X
The Wonderful World Series X
D-Day X
Robin Hood Wins the Sheriff's Golden Arrow Y
Winston Churchill: \Never Give In\"" Y
The Cat in the Palace Y
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Pioneer's Life Y
Marco Polo and the Silk Road Y
The Story of Lewis and Clark Book 1: Up the Missouri River Y
The Red Baron Z
A Selection From Robinson Crusoe Z
Sergeant Stubby Z
Albert Einstein Z
A New Skyline Z
Satellites Z
Robin Hood and the King Z
The Apaches Z
The Cheyennes Z
The History of Anime Z1
D-Day Z1
A Selection From Robinson Crusoe Z1
A Selection From Robinson Crusoe Z2
D-Day Z2




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